Historically ‘Divide and Rule’ built Empires, so why ‘Unify’?

Well, here is my answer to that question:

  1. First of all; all empires have fallen long ago!
  2. Secondly the tactic was to divide the enemy, not yourself!
  3. Thirdly we learn from history and don’t repeat mistakes! We want to be part of the present and future. Past can not be changed – but you can change your present and likely future.

Woman frustrated with non-working technology, about to hit computer with a hammer
Coming back to present day; here are five things you need for a business:

  1. Domain Name and Website to attract more business
  2. Email to communicate with colleagues, clients, collaborators and associates
  3. Calendar to keep track of schedules
  4. Documents to record
  5. Information Technology (IT) devices, smartphones, pads

You can get almost all of these for FREE from various different sources – but then when you need a bit more from any of these you end up paying lot more. Hope you noticed that I did stress the word ‘almost’ there.

But what is worse, you find that these five things take up so much of your time, effort and energy because you end up interacting with different provider for each.

Resulting in you getting annoyed by each of them.  You will almost certainly find that each of them points a finger at the other when things go wrong.

Why does this happen?

Because you are trying to keep each of them separate from one another but unless they all are your own businesses, you would be loosing out.

Simple solution is to unify them.


Today; I shall ask you 11 questions and work towards solving them with you!

Any business – well established or one which is just starting up needs a website to attract prospective clients.

Then you would need to engage with them, provide value and then hope to get some business from them.

The first three steps always are – if they like what they see within first few seconds they would remain on your website, read more and come back to your website again, they may want to come back again after some time, then they get to trust your website and hopefully would buy some products/services from you – not necessarily directly off your website but may be by reaching out to you.

1. How are you going to address building a website for your business?

I have seen many websites which are nothing but digital versions of brochures that were produced few years ago. A website needs to do much more than that.

That brings me to the next question.

When you are looking for a solution for any problem; you are likely to…Google your problem. Similarly without doubt your prospective clients do the same as well.

So should you care about search engines when you are trying to build or grow your business?

The answer is quite obvious one isn’t it?

There are two biggest search engines on the planet earth today – Google and YouTube.

So don’t you think it would be a great idea if there is one thing that you can do to make a positive impact on both of these search engines?

So here is my question to you:

If you think Google Plus is only for spending time on social media, think again.

Google Plus is a layer that integrates almost everything that Google provides. So have you thought of how you are going to address your Google Plus strategy? Have you thought about how you are going to provide the Data and the Links that your Google Plus Profile needs to make it complete? Please remember as you complete your Google Plus Profile, Google would start paying more attention to your profile. Google relies heavily on data – so they always tend to ignore data that is incomplete or links that are unreachable.

2. Have you thought of how you are going to address your Google Plus strategy?

As I was saying YouTube is the second largest search engine on planet earth. So have you thought about having your own YouTube Channel?

You would need a visually appealing Channel Graphic to attract viewers to your YouTube channel. Well if you think you are not a video company and don’t have anything to do with video, think again.

YouTube provides you all the necessary tools to create your own Tutorial videos, Advertorial videos etc free of cost. YouTube also integrates very well with Hangout On Air which is being used to convey this message to you. Now when you create lots of such videos, you can create PlayLists – these play lists not only attract more viewers but keep them engaged on your YouTube Channel for longer because you can put together the video journey the viewers go through.

Have you thought about any of these?

3. Have you considered YouTube Strategy?

What communication methods are you using? Hope you have gone beyond sending letter through the post which takes ages!

Even if you have moved on to email and telephone etc unless you are working for a huge big corporation where you fire off an email to the boss and then wait for response within the next 36 hours, have you considered the fact that email on its own is ineffective because it hardly ever conveys your emotions, your intentions.

So unless you are trying to say that ‘Well I have sent an email and it is the responsibility of the boss to read it and respond back’ – you need to consider better tools for communication. The telephone comes closer to achieving your goal of conveying your message.

But there are a couple more tools that are even more effective. Instant Chat and Private Video Chat – these are available from Google. Have you considered how effective these are? If you are not using them or don’t want to use them, as a small business probably you are just postponing the work and creating more work for yourself because you are relying more on Emails and you would need to keep track of what is going on – because you send an email, wait for response and then act accordingly.

In a job role I was personally involved in, I had two groups of people who were involved in an email exchange for over four years and these people were sending emails to one another but not really answering any questions. In this job, what do you think I did? I used instant messaging, video conferencing and telephone in an effective way and solved the bugs that were in the system for over four years.

Let me repeat that – I solved the bugs that were in the system for over four years within three months by using communication tools effectively.

4. What communication methods are you using?

How are you managing your business collaboration? How do you share your ideas, your documents, spreadsheets with numbers, presentation with slides?

If you are using the ancient method of sending them as attachments to your email and expecting collaboration to happen then you are making more pointless work for yourself and everyone else which does not yield useful results in the end. Google Drive provides you with such fantastic tools for sharing and collaborating all at the same time, if you are not using it effectively then you are bound to fail as a small business.

5. How are you managing your business collaboration?

How are you managing your business diary? Are you still killing trees by using a paper diary? The problem with doing that is you have to maintain your paper diary yourself and when you need to set up business meetings with someone else, you then need to transfer the information from your diary into an email and then look for time convenient for you and the other person.

If that itself is not enough there are two more problems with that approach – unless you keep referring to your diary every 15 minutes or so you will find that you are likely to miss some meetings because your paper diary has no way of reminding you of a meeting which is due in just 15 minutes from now. The other major problem is what happens when you are forced to reschedule the meeting, you have to go through the email exercise all over again. Don’t you think in 2015 you need to be in a better position?

6. How are you managing your business diary?

The days of sitting in one place in a brick and mortar office and do the “Work” are well and truly over.  Most people in the developed world have a smart phone. So if you are NOT using your mobile cellphone to read and respond to emails, manage your diary, handle your collaborative work, you are missing out – Big Time!

You may have an iPad and have not thought of using it for handling emails, your diary and collaboration aspects of your business – which would be such a waste of resources you have.

Or may be you have an Android device, but have not really thought of integrating that with your business – again the same three aspects of handling emails, your diary and collaboration aspects.

May be you have a Chromebook – again the three aspects handling emails, your diary and collaboration aspects.

7. Have you considered how you will be working from anywhere and everywhere?

You have website, set up Google plus profile etc – have you considered how effectively you can use Google Analytics to analyse how the visitors to your website behave, what do they like, what do they dislike, what do they find useful what do they find so useful that they want to share with their friends and family. Have you considered all of that?

8. Have you considered Google Analytics?

To make your website more visible to Google; Google provides a Webmaster tool to help you with all that – have you considered using the webmaster tool to make it easy for yourself?

9. Have you considered Google Webmaster Tool?

May be you need some custom software for your small business – a problem you have may be solvable by using Google Appscript or an Android app or a specific application using C or C++ programming languages. Have you considered this aspect?

10. Custom Software?

For all that I have explained so far, you may want someone to do it for you or you may want some training so that you can do some or all of them yourself.

11. For all that I asked you so far, have you felt the need for a training?

You are at the right place to get answers to those questions. 

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