A Busy Businessman story
A Happy Businessman story selected

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John is a busy businessman meeting Tom a client. John says 'good morning Tom! How are you today?'
Tom wishes him back 'Good morning John! I am fine, thank you!'
Rather than go over the document with Tom in person, John has already shared it – but he is meeting Tom just to make sure that everything is alright. John says 'I just wanted to confirm that you received Google Doc I shared with you. Hope it is all good.'
Tom says: 'Yes, indeed! Our Engineering and Marketing have already done lot of work with it.'
Tom says 'Thank you for checking status.'
John says 'If everything is fine; let me not waste any more of your time. It has been a pleasure doing business with you!'
Tom is impressed by how John has handled business.
John has concluded meeting with Tom very professionally. John says 'A pop up message on my phone, reminds me that I have a meeting with Amy.'
John says 'Good that we moved meeting to a time convenient for both of us.'
John says: 'Let me send her a text message saying I am on my way.
John has now reached Amy’s Office in time. He says 'Good morning Amy!'
Amy says 'Good morning John!'
John says 'Hope you got my text message and hopefully you didn't have to wait for long.'
Amy says 'Yes, it was indeed nice of you to send a text message and you are on time.'
Amy says 'I have a couple of questions about your product, hope you can answer them.'
John says 'As we use Google Apps, I can show you photos and documents on my iPad.' With such a good start meeting goes very well.
Having concluded both meetings professionally, John calls up his wife. 'Sarah darling, its me.'
Sarah says 'Hi honey!'
John asks, 'Has the Birthday cake arrived yet?'
Sarah says 'Yes indeed! The cake looks gorgeous!'
John says 'My phone Calendar had reminded me last week to order it!'
Sarah asks 'Honey, how was your morning?'
John says 'Darling;  meeting with Tom went very well.'
John says 'Amy was impressed with what we can provide when I showed her documents and photos on my iPad.'
John says 'I also fixed the next meeting using my iPad.'
John says 'Fingers crossed; in next meeting, we sign the contract!'
Sarah says 'That is brilliant!'
Sarah says 'Come home quickly, our daughter's birthday would indeed be a happy one for all of us!'
What is the difference in this story from the earlier one? Technology Integration, Phone PopUp Messages, Meeting Reminders, Client Collaboration
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A Busy Businessman story
A Happy Businessman story selected

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