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Integrate With Google Apps for Business - What Why and How

In this article I would be talking about the What, Why and How for Google Apps for Business. As Wake Technology is using Google Apps, I shall be talking about my personal experience.

Here is a quick summary:

  • Email ID creates image. Is yours right?
  • Why not the included email addresses included in your web hosting package?
  • Sort, File and Search Endlessly?
  • Gmail and Talk
  • Are You Smarter than your phone?
  • Collaboration Challenges
  • How to Start Using?

What are Google Apps?

Google Apps for Business is an integrated collection of software Apps based on Cloud Computing and provides services such as Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sites, Video and lots more all with your own branding.

At Wake Technology Integrators, we use Android phones, Android Pads, Windows and Linux PCs and Laptops – all have access to all of these services all the time.

Email ID creates image. Is yours right?

Email ID creates Image, is yours right?
Here is Mr. Jonathan, who has received an email from a '' but he is unable to relate this Joe589 to any Joe he might have come across recently. As the email seems to be from someone using Gmail a free service available to everyone free of cost he thinks that this 'Joe' can’t be part of a company and he ignores this email.

If only Joe was using Google Apps for Business, this situation would not have happened as the email ID would have a proper name and company's name, for example:

This creates a completely different image and probably Jonathan would have read the email.

Why not the included email addresses included in your web hosting package?

In most cases these are based on hosted Microsoft Outlook and they provide you with a web based interface. In my own experience, the once I was offered had a expired security certificate and every time I wanted to log into the Outlook Web Access interface through my browser, I got a severe warning message from my browser (Firefox). When I contacted the website hosting company they told me to use Outlook on my Windows PC. But the problem is Windows 7 no longer comes bundled with Outlook Express and I was expected to spend another £ 100 or so and buy Outlook. In my past lives I have had to use Outlook as that was what was provided by the company but the experience was never a good one. Read on to know why...

Sort, File and Search Endlessly?

By Microsoft we all have been taught to Sort and File into Folders all emails that we receive to keep our inboxes tidy.

Sabina frustrated trying to locate an email

This is Miss Sabina and she is rather annoyed. Whenever she received an email, she has been sorting and filing into computer folders maintained by Outlook.

Robert is on phone with Sabina’s boss. Robert is pretty annoyed that though he had sent an email with sales targets that were agreed at the Brussels meeting three months ago nothing seems to have happened. Sabina is panicking and can’t remember where she had filed this email – would it be in Targets folder or would it be in Brussels folder or may be in the new marketing campaign code named ‘Merlin’ that was launched after the Brussels meeting.

Sabina wishes that she could just "Google" the terms through her email folders. Now let us just consider how Sabina could be happier by using Google Apps for Business and Google mail.

Gmail and Talk

Gmail gives you a new way of handling your email – you assign labels to your emails to keep your inbox tidy. 

Gmail and Talk

Sabina would have given three labels to Robert’s email - Sales Target, Brussels, Merlin and she could search on all or any of them using the search box encircled here; in the same way as she would search for information on internet using Google. That would have saved lot of annoyances for Robert.

Folder is an old way of storing data in a computer and is meant for computer nerds – not for normal people! I think Apple users would completely agree with me there!

Now let me talk about the “Talk” for a bit – pun intended! 

Talk is another integral tool that allows you to send and receive instant messages, voice calls and video calls and is very much integrated into Gmail as you can see there on screen. Robert could have sent an instant message to Sabina or even using the microphone/webcam from his computer he could have “Talked” to Sabina directly.

Are You Smarter than your phone?

Here is Mr. George caught on camera during an embarrassing moment. He didn’t want his face to be shown so photo had to be cropped. He is attending a Seminar. 

Are you smarter than your phone?

There is great opportunity to network with people from other businesses and George finds a Mr Edward from a Fortune 500 company. Mr Edward seems agreeable for a separate one to one meeting. But there is a problem.

George forgot his Diary in which he notes down all his appointments. And to make it worse his phone starts ringing mid sentence as he is trying to somehow fix a meeting with Mr. Edward. George is embarrassed and is forced to mute the phone to continue the conversation.

This happens to many of us; business owners. Now; actually in a strange way the Smartphone is trying to tell George 'Use me to fix the meeting' but George is yet to discover Google Apps for Business and finds the phone annoying.

Using Google Apps for Business enables George to fix a meeting using Google calendar on the smartphone in a professional way.

Let us briefly see what more can Google Calendar do for you in the next picture.

My Google Calendars

Here I am showing examples of shared diaries which help me keep my days organised.

Here I have my Daughter’s School Calendar, my Personal Calendar, Wake Technology Company Calendar,

FSB Events Calendar and a couple of others.

At this point many of you are probably asking ‘so what?’ – here is how it is useful.

Mr George from previous slide could talk about an event that is coming up shortly that may interest Mr. Edward and it may be possible that they meet up after that event – possibilities are limitless.

As a Business owner I personally find it very convenient to use Google calendar on my phone to fix an appointment knowing fully well that it syncs up with all other devices that I use.

There is another little secret I shall let you in on – using Google 

Calendar also helps me to automatically put my phone into silent mode when I mark a time as busy. Doing the same would have saved some embarrassment for Mr George and also helped him fix the meeting in a professional way.

Collaboration Challenges

Collaboration is part and parcel of most businesses. Let me talk about the Outlook way in which this happens. 

Collaboration Challenges

Let us say I create a document as Version 1.0. I attach the document to an email and send it to - Emily, Sally, John and Nina.

Now Emily, Sally and John read the document and make changes as they see fit and send modified document back to me.

But Nina is on holiday and there is no input from her at this point in time. Now, I have to handle three different versions of the document and merge them painfully into Version 2. Then I send this modified version back to all of them. Emily, Sally and John read through Version 2 document and make some more changes.

At this point in time Nina comes back from holiday and after going through loads of emails she reads Version 1 of the document. She modifies the copy she got with my first email – she can’t really be blamed because she has too many emails to read. Now I have a big problem. As Nina is the CEO of our client she is more important than everyone else. But she didn’t get to see the changes others made. What options do you think I have now? Inform Nina that the final final version contains elements that she never got round to see? Would she be happy with that?

Google Apps provides a better way and also reduces amount of work. As a Google Apps user, I would not be sending any attachments at all – my email would give them a link to the document in the company’s Docs site and ask them for modifications there. Now at any stage when Nina gets to see the document she would see the most recent one. The version problem solved!

Big Names

Here are few big name companies that are already using Google Apps for Business. Globally 40 million active users and 4 million businesses use Google Apps for Business.

How to Start Using?

To use Google Apps, one of the major requirements is that you should own the domain that you want to use for your account and you would be required to prove it to Google.

Then you would need to create Mail Exchange Server Records so that email addressed to you reaches you properly.

Get in touch with me to set this all up for you.


Google Apps for Business gives you Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sites, 

Video and lots more with your own branding. I am sure I have created enough interest in you about how Google Apps for Business can solve many of your communication and collaboration problems in your business.

At Wake Technology, integrating mobile devices into your business is one of my key focus areas.

Written by Vivekananda Baindoor Rao