Contact Me

I present you 3 different easy ways to contact me.

First is the most traditional way.

Please fill in the form shown and I shall get back to you as soon as I can via Email.

There are two more ways which may be more cost effective for you and may help you get up close and personal...after all you want personalised service don't you?

These are explained after the form you see here.

Thank you.

Contact Form

Here are two most modern and very personal ways to contact me:

If you are familiar with the Google Hangout technology, you can click on either of the following icons to reach me easily and instantly.

For most part I follow the GMT time zone and hence please bear that in mind.

Here is how:
  • When you click them the Google Hangout Application starts on your computing device.
  • You would be offered a choice to Join. 
  • When you click on the Join button, you would be offered an invitation and my ID would be pre-filled.
  • Click on the green Invite button and Google would send me an invite.
    Please Note:
    The Phone option would require that you have Google Talk account set up and you would be calling my phone directly.

    Thank you

    Phone Hangout

    Hangout Button