TATA Infotech - Mobile Computing

Tata Infotech was originally started as Tata-Unisys and now is a part of Tata Consultancy Services.
I was part of Advanced Applied Technology Group within Tata Infotech.
The mandate given to the Advanced Applied Technology Group was to research into latest leading edge technology fields that were useful for the company.  The group was to gain expertise in such technology fields and train the rest of the company so that the company can then take up integration projects for various clients in the industry.

The group had to make a Business Case for each such project, get resources approved by the management and then execute such projects from conception right through to deployment.

Mobile Computing the big picture


Managed a team of engineers to gain competency in leading edge technology project - Mobile Computing.  The project was planned, got management approval for hardware, software and manpower resources and successfully lead the team to modify Linux Kernel modifications which resulted in 60% performance improvement for Wireless Networking. Trained engineers in the company in leading edge Mobile Computing technology resulting in the company successfully bidding for projects in a new leading edge technology field.
Mindmap of MobileComputing

Action Taken

  • The technology trends were studied and came up with a technology area that would be most practical and useful for the company. Mobile Computing was chosen as the leading edge technology that would give a competitive advantage to the company by gaining core competency.
  • In association with Professors from IISc; the behaviour of standard TCP/IP stack under wireless network media was studied.
  • Project Plan was prepared for this project.  The plan included resource requirements, deliverables, milestones, benefits, risk assessment, road map for future etc.
  • Project Plan was presented to the CEO of the company who was then convinced that the project was feasible and worth the time, money and effort involved.
  • After getting the approval a team of engineers was created, lead and managed to execute the project as per the plan.
  • Fresh graduates were mentored to develop modules and systems as required.
  • Linux Kernel was modified as the first phase of the project.
  • A Mobile Application Development Platform was developed as the second phase of the project.


  • Project Plan approved by the management,  necessary resources were procured for execution of the project.
  • The Linux Kernel modifications resulted in 60% performance improvement for the Wireless Networking.
  • All the deliverables were delivered on time even though the team had very limited hardware resources to begin with.
The company gained core competency in Mobile Computing.