Load Balancer - Jetnexus


Jetnexus provide leading edge load balancing and traffic management solutions to accelerate application performance and availability, enabling clients to create and deliver resilient and scalable online services.

Jetnexus required to scale up their entry level product to enterprise level so that they can increase their market share and enter larger corporate, enterprise level markets. It was required to transform software originally written for entry level Windows desktop environment into Linux Enterprise Server environment.

Designed a system architecture enabling Load Balancer to be scaled up to Enterprise Grade.  A layered approach was used allowing modifications to core components in stages, while an API layer allowed configuration and maintenance by enterprise grade software systems resulting in expansion of target market into lucrative Enterprise segment.

Mindmap of Jetnexus Product Enhancement


  • Jetnexus have a Webserver Load Balancer solution, it was required to transform software originally written for Windows environment into Linux environment.
  • Software written in Pascal language using Delphi was required to be translated into C++
  • Software written for a low cost system needed to be scaled up to address Enterprise market segment.
  • Software written for a standard desktop PC needed to be scaled up to run on Enterprise range server with powerful hardware resources while being able to make use of all the power of available resources such as larger memory.
  • To use available larger memory it was required to use 64 bit Linux operating system while there existed considerable customer base who still used 32 bit Linux and Load Balancer software written in Pascal was for 32 bit Linux.
  • The company had no proper software development process and it was deemed necessary to incorporate a suitable software development process along with ISO Certification if possible.

Action Taken

  • A development process was recommended for company.
  • System architecture was designed and a project plan with a phased and layered approach to develop a software that would be Enterprise grade was presented.
  • Designed and coded C++ API layer for Load Balancer core.
  • Developed WebConsole - HTTP based C++ control application using API for Load Balancer enabling Enterprise grade deployment
  • Incorporated 64bit Linux C++ code optimisations in Load Balancer code.


  • A Software Development Process was agreed upon and the company registered itself for ISO Certification.
  • System architecture which would easily scale up to Enterprise grade customers was made available to the company.  This broadened market segment.