Why Me?

I believe in living a simple life, I believe in thinking differently.

I am proud to share my belief with Steve Jobs and Leonardo da Vinci who said:

"Simplicity is the Ultimate in Sophistication".

Avoid the cowboys, work with the Indian.

Let the Indian handle technology and you live an integrated simple life.

If you are struggling to find someone who can integrate and simplify your projects and life, you have found the right person!

You can reach me by filling in the Contact Me form from this website or through my Google+ Profile.

I follow GMT and if you want to contact me and set up Private Hangout Video Call, please be aware of the differences in your timezone and my timezone.

How will I be useful for you?

Contact me for:

  • Project Management (PRINCE2),
  • Embedded Linux/Android Software Development,
  • C/C++ Development,
  • Technology Integration,
  • Website Development

Go ahead check out my LinkedIn Profile and YouTube Channel - links are elsewhere this website.

Here is a link to an Android App; that I have developed and available from Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.WakeTechnology.runshoalite

To watch an introductory video about the above app, click on the video link shown in Google Play store.